Prejudice in Disguise

I am saddened that my home state of Texas has joined other Republican-dominated states in proposing anti-immigration legislation. The proposed Texas law would, among other restrictions, prohibit so-called “sanctuary cities” by forcing local law enforcement officers to check the immigration status of people detained for other offenses.

Supporters of the bill say they are not prejudiced against Hispanics, they merely oppose illegal immigration. Opponents of segregation a half century ago had similar arguments (remember “separate but equal?”). Although supporters of the law point out that it merely enforces the current immigration laws, it is widely believed that our immigration laws are unjust and unenforceable.

Critics say the bill would lead to racial profiling and keep Hispanic crime victims and witnesses from talking to police. I’ll go farther and say the proposed law is bigoted and oppressive.

Balancing Act

Why do I no longer vote for Republicans? A quick look at the current budget debate provides a good example. Both parties agree that we need to balance the budget battle. The Republican plan proposed by Paul Ryan would cut future Medicare benefits. It would also make the poorest Americans pay federal income tax while cutting the tax rate for the wealthiest even lower than the current rate under the controversial Bush tax cuts.
I disagree with Democrats on several key issues, but the Republicans propose cutting benefits for the elderly and stealing from the poor to give to the rich. I will never support this type of injustice, and I will vote against any candidate who does.
This Reuters article summarizes the current budget impasse: