Don't Let the U.S. Get Dragged Into War

The U.S. seems to be moving closer to war with Iran. We need to learn from our previous mistakes and stay out of military conflict unless our country is directly attacked.

The United States is not the world’s policeman, and although Israel is our ally, under no circumstances should we follow them into war. Remember, England and France were our closest allies before WWII, but the U.S. did not go to war to protect these countries; we did not join the war until we were attacked. We need to seek diplomatic solutions, and we must not be drawn into a war.

If you agree, take action. Write your congressional representative and both your senators to express your disapproval of any use of force unless we are directly attacked. Feel free to copy the letter below and modify it to suit your position:

Dear ______:
I am opposed to any military action against Iran unless the United States is directly attacked. We should seek diplomatic solutions to our disagreements with the Iranian government. Our support of Israel should be strong but should not include committing U.S. troops to battle.

I hope you will oppose any authorization of force unless our country is directly attacked.


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