Both Parties Exploiting Fear, Prejudice in Ads

Immigration reform – or more accurately, the lack thereof – is a hot topic for this coming election.

I’m concerned about the current crop of campaign ads that prey on people’s fears and prejudices. Republicans David Vitter and Sharon Angle recently caught the attention or the national media by using the same stock photo of tough-looking Hispanics in their ads. Vitter’s in particular has been denounced by local Hispanic groups as racist.

In my home state of Texas, Republican Governor Rick Perry and his Democratic challenger Bill White are running ads promising to get tough on immigration. Neither candidate’s ads (at least the ones aired so far) are overtly racist, but both candidates are subtly playing on the fear and anxiety of the white majority.

Regardless of your views on immigration, we should all speak out against racism in any form. I will not vote for any candidate who plays on fear and prejudice.

Coverage of the Vitter Controversey:

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