Vote Smart, Not Scared

If you’re reading this before the polls close n Tuesday, I encourage you to exercise your right to vote. I also encourage you to take the time to make informed decisions. The League of Women Voters has a web site (link below) that lists the position statements of the candidates on your local ballot. This is a better source of information than the ads you see on TV.

Many of the political ads appeal to your emotions instead of your intellect. You should be suspicious of ads that appeal to fear, anger, or prejudice. Some ads tell outright lies, and others distort the truth.

For example, Republican ads may distort the truth about the Democrats’ health care legislation. The bill does not set up government-run health care, and no bureaucrat will come between you and your doctor.  (The truth is that the law will allow millions of middle class Americans to have health care coverage, protects you from losing your coverage because you get sick, and gives tax credits to small businesses to help cover insurance costs).

Likewise, Democrats’ ads may blame Republican policies for causing the recession, but the truth is that many factors caused the recession, and many policies that may have contributed to it were supported by both parties.

We need to remember that neither political party is trying to destroy our economy or government, and neither party is wrong all the time. Most of all, we should remember that people can disagree with our viewpoints and still love their country. 

League of Women Voters:

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