Scientists Reach Climate Change Consensus, but Politicians Move Backward

Recent headlines announced that the debate over climate change has officially ended. This came as scientist Richard Muller, a former climate change skeptic, announced that his study of the world's surface temperatures confirmed data from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration showing that earth’s temperature is indeed rising. This announcement was all the more remarkable considering that Muller’s research was partially funded by the oil-rich, ultraconservative Koch bothers.
Another recent news article stated that about 564 million more tons of carbon were dumped into the atmosphere in 2010 than in 2009—the largest increase in history.
Unfortunately, despite the scientific consensus that carbon emissions are the main cause of climate change, our elected representatives from both political parties seem to lack the vision and the leadership ability to develop an energy policy that will decrease our dependence on fossil fuels. President Obama’s green jobs initiative is largely considered a failure, and Republicans—many of whom still refuse to believe the facts about climate change—want to diminish the EPA’s power to regulate industrial pollution. In fact, this year House Republicans have passed at least 75 measures to cut environmental regulations.
I agree with the economists and business leaders who say developing a clean energy is the key to future prosperity. We need political leaders who want to move forward, not backward.
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