Continue Obama Success vs. Return to GOP Failure: The Choice Is Yours

Mitt Romney’ entire campaign is focused on criticizing President Obama’s handling of the economy. But the latest economic indicators—including employment and home sales— show that the U.S. economy continues to improve (1).

You may recall that when Obama took office, eight years of failed Republican economic policy had our economy on the brink of disaster. As this 2009 Bloomberg article states: “The economy in the U.S. probably grew in the third quarter at the fastest pace in two years as government stimulus helped bring an end to the worst recession since the 1930s, economists said” (2).

President Obama’s foreign policy has also been successful. In fact, Mitt Romney agreed with him more often than he disagreed during the foreign policy debate. Obama has put together exit strategies to end the wars George W. Bush started, and he hunted down Osama bin Laden, which Bush failed to do. But 17 of Romney’s 24 foreign policy advisors are from George W. Bush’s administration. These are the architects of failure (3).

In a democracy, people get the government they deserve. If voters are fooled into turning away from successful policies in favor of policies that are proven to fail, we’ll get exactly what we deserve.

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